Hey there, I´m Kerstin

When choosing a Wellness Coach you want to know a little bit more about your coaches’ journey. Everybody has a story and here is mine.

When I started my working life, I did not set out to become a coach in any shape or form. But one thread that remained consistent throughout my career was “service to others”. It was always my aim to see YOU, my customers and clients happy, content, relaxed and returning for more good service.

I looked after First and Business Class passengers while travelling the world, attended to the needs of hundreds of seasonal merchandise buyers while living and working in Asia, acted as go-to-person on the ground for top-tier VIP Frequent travellers for a major airline and worked as a personal travel manager. Yes,  travel used to be a really big part of my life buIt doesn’t matter which profession you work in, what matters is how you treat the people you meet.

Living a healthy lifestyle has always been part of the equation. Growing up in the cooler Northern hemisphere fruit and vegetables were seasonal yet a major part of my nutrition from a very early age. The habit of exercise was also formed early, being part of a team was my motivator and still is today. As these habits were instilled early on in my life they have become second nature. If you want to be the best person for others, you need to make yourself the best person first. Nourishing foods and healthy movement are key ingredients.

Despite my healthy ways, a few years ago I was wheeled into the emergency room toppled over with pain followed by major surgery. This certainly was not part of my plan but it gave me the necessary time out to take stock of my life and my current situation as well as to map out my future. My body had given me a huge wake-up call, forced me to stop and provided me with the necessary time to think. 

 realised that while food and exercise are major contributors to my well-being I had neglected the emotional element and tried to be everything for everybody. Same as you, demands of family, children, household, job and a fly-in fly-out partner just took a toll on me. My own happiness and wellbeing had become secondary to the wellbeing of my beautiful children and a well-functioning almost perfect household. But at what cost? It dawned on me that this pattern of trying to do it all was not only my pattern but a lot of women, even my closest friends, were frantically running around trying to be “superwoman”.  The feelings of balance and overall wellness were basically non-existent; it was more like trying to complete a massive never-ending chore-list with no ME-time factored into this list. The question to myself was: “How can I fix this and help others too?”

When such a problem/challenge presents itself  I do like to come up with a solution for myself and for you, my client. Completing  a Professional Certificate of Health and Wellness Coaching not only provided me with the tools to re-balance my own life and create more well-being, I learned how to take back control of my life by applying simple techniques which I now share with YOU. Taking responsibility to make myself the person worked for me. Through my journey I have inspired others around me. Now it is my turn to guide YOU to a better self. 

I would like nothing more than to inspire YOU and to be able to assist YOU to bring more well-being into your life. “Shine Through Wellness” might be a business name but it is also my personal philosophy. 

Once YOUR light shines bright, YOU will also shine a bright light on others.

Wellness Coaching is the way to a better future for yourself

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