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All sessions are run by an experienced and professionally certified wellness coach. Each session is tailor-made to your individual requirements or run based on a 12 week group session framework.

The wellness coach will discuss all aspects of your life to help you find out what is important and why you wish to make changes to your current lifestyle. With the coaches’ support you will create a lifestyle plan/vision and set goals to start moving towards achieving this vision.

Your coach will work with you on creating strategies and tools to overcome challenges and obstacles that may arise while adjusting and changing behaviours that no longer suit you. The coach will also ask about past successes and failures which can be used to map out your new direction. Together you will work on identifying internal strength and external resources to support you on your road to lasting change.

A coaching relationship generally commences with a 1 ½ hours assessment session followed by 11  x 30 minute weekly coaching sessions to establish and implement the changes you wish to make.

Program Delivery:

All coaching sessions can be conducted face-to-face, via skype or over the phone and are:

Guaranteed 100% confidential





1:1 Coaching

Coaching is conducted in private one-on-one session as a location of choice. For the first session we generally allocate 1-1.5 hr to assess the current lifestyle and establish a vision as the basis for the following coaching session. Follow up session are generally 30 minutes. It is recommended to commit to 12 weeks to see positive results.

Group coaching

The group coaching will run over a 12 weeks period with a group meeting scheduled of 1.5 – 2 hour every second week (via Zoom or face to face). At every meeting we will work on a new topic to improve mindset, self-awareness and self-efficacy. 

These are the 6 main topics

  1. Getting motivated 
  2. How to improve your energy
  3. Setting new routines
  4. Working on Self-Belief
  5. Finding time for change
  6. Setting yourself up for the future

Wellness Retreats

As a trained wellness travel specialist we can tailor-make wellness retreats from 2 days through to extended wellness immersion, within Australia and world-wide. All travel experiences are booked through our expert travel partners at TravelManagers Australia and In This Life Wellness Travel.

Booking your wellness travel through us includes a free pre and post-trip wellness coaching session (valued $250)