2020 and the effects of the pandemic saw many of us shift into a new direction. Following the disruptions to our routine and to our life in general due to restrictions imposed, a new motto emerged as “Health is our greatest Wealth”.

With this new approach to life have you Wellness has become a new focal point in your everyday life. Or do you still hang on to your old ways of wellness when you feel sluggish, stacked on a few extra kilos or lacking energy?

Even with the challenges due to the pandemic, it is sometimes feels like a huge effort to stick with a wellness regime. Often it is our own fault as we are too hard on ourselves, and anything that is too hard will eventually fall by the wayside. Somehow it is engrained in our mind that we need to be going all out or nothing, even though there could be a great middle way or just some simple steps to take n the right direction. 

Have you ever participated in 8 or 12 week challenge? You started off brimming with energy and enthusiasm and had the intention of getting to the gym every day and eating the prescribed meal plan. You hired a personal training and attended the motivational session at the gym to keep going. You teamed up with fellow participants to keep for accountability. The results were amazing and you lost weight, became fitter and more toned, increased your energy and overall wellbeing…. And then the challenge ended, and with that your motivation and drive to keep on this path. Your old habits pre-challenge habits started creeping  back,  you slackened off on your gym visits and slowly but surely the hard work and discipline you applied went out of the window. Sound familiar? Trust me, I have been there and done that myself.

Why did this not last? Why did you revert back to your old ways?

Let me know give you a little bit of an analogy to explain this phenomenon. Picture a small rider sitting on top of an massive elephant. The rider in this case represents your rational side and the elephant your emotional side. The rider is determined, practical, a decision maker, whereas the elephant is more in tune with his feelings and his emotions and often operates on auto-pilot doing things out of habit. Initially the elephant will go where the rider tells him to go or do something different because he is intrigued but will get easily bored and after while might even refuse to move or follow the riders instructions. The rider loses control and the elephant follows his own path. There is no way the tiny rider will be able to control to massive elephant. 

What needs to happen? The rider needs to have a clear direction, he needs to motivate the elephant, create a reason WHY. The need to work together to stay on the path.

And this happens on your wellness journey too. Your mind might tell you that you have to eat well, exercise more, avoid alcohol, got bed earlier etc, but your emotional side thinks the fun is being taking out of life due to all these restrictions and refuses to follow when the result are not a quick as hoped for. 

We need to shift our thinking from “I have to”. “I need to” and “I must” to “I choose” or “I want to”.  With no deep and meaningful reason WHY, your wellness journey turns in to this one/off rollercoaster similar to yo-yo dieting. It is similar to a hobby, sometimes we engage more and other times less just as we please or when it fits into our schedule. Do you want your wellness journey to feel like a hobby and just fit into you life or do you to want wellness to be part of your life? 

And that is where I can help you! A wellness coach will be able to help you identify the path so you can have a clear direction that has deep meaning to you making your wellness journey is no longer a hobby but a part of who you are.  A wellness coach will be your guide and supporting mentor to empower you to make healthy , positive and permanent change one step at a time. 

Wellness and well-being go hand in hand. Someone can actually be physically healthy but not feel well at the same time. On the flipside, a person could be living with an illness (meaning physically not well) but engages in daily practises of mental, social and emotional wellness to enhance their overall wellbeing. Bottom line, you are 100% in control. Your choices influence your health and ultimately the quality of your life. So what will your choice be?

Both wellness and wellbeing are at the core of Wellness Coaching, we look at the bigger picture and where you visualise yourself to be. As a trained wellness coach I help clients like you overcome your resistance to making the necessary changes in your life by taking step by step actions towards the best version of yourself. I support you on working out want you want, why you want it, what’s getting in the way and then together we devise a manageable action plan so you can slowly and confidently move towards your goal of ultimate wellbeing. 

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