Do you know the difference between these two words that are often used interchangeably?

One is certainly not the other, they have very distinct meanings yet they belong together.

Wellness is a modern word with ancient roots. Key elements of wellness can be traced back to ancient civilisations all over the world however some core elements and wisdom are from India, China and Greece stemming from religious, medical and personal wellness practises. You may have heard of Ayurveda, Acupuncture and Chinese herbs and Hippocrates aka The Father of Medicine. 

Wellness in general focuses on holistic and preventive measures. It incorporates an active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles on your journey to optimal health. Daily movement, optimal nutrition, rest, fresh air to breathe, enough water intake are some of the elements that foster wellness.  It is the sum of all actions you take every day to gain improved health and move from a place of just surviving to really thriving . Wellness is not a fixed end-goal but a constantly evolving process towards health. 

Well-being is the result you get when you balance physical, mental, social and emotional wellness. Your well-being can change on a daily basis and is often directly influenced by what is happening in your life. Many factors working together can influence this state of well-being. For example, some days you wake up feeling very energised and other days you might feel like crawling back into bed. This is not uncommon but can be stabilised by positive mental health. I think the Oxford Dictionary explains the meaning of well-being very concisely as “ The state of being comfortable, happy and healthy”. This basically means Well-being is how you feel about yourself and your life but not necessarily the absence of illness or disease. I often call if the feeling of being on “Top of the World” filled joy and life force. 

Wellness and well-being go hand in hand. Someone can actually be physically healthy but not feel well at the same time. On the flipside, a person could be living with an illness (meaning physically not well) but engages in daily practises of mental, social and emotional wellness to enhance their overall wellbeing. Bottom line, you are 100% in control. Your choices influence your health and ultimately the quality of your life. So what will your choice be?

Both wellness and wellbeing are at the core of Wellness Coaching, we look at the bigger picture and where you visualise yourself to be. As a trained wellness coach I help clients like you overcome your resistance to making the necessary changes in your life by taking step by step actions towards the best version of yourself. I support you on working out want you want, why you want it, what’s getting in the way and then together we devise a manageable action plan so you can slowly and confidently move towards your goal of ultimate wellbeing. 

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